Here’s another wonderful online video from our friend, the eminently-quotable  William Tapley, whose devotion to explaining the many “hidden images of paganism” in the art and sculptures at DIA is truly unsurpassed — and appreciated!

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However, not everyone buys Tapley’s analysis of phallus-sis.  Namely the site, which ridicules him in the blog post Crazy Christian sees Penises all over Denver Airport!

Here’s what they wrote.

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I just came upon this amazing 2-part  video series featuring DIA mural analysis by William Tapley, a man from New York state who also goes by the title “Third Eagle of the Apocalypes and Co-Prophet of the End Times.” On Youtube at least.

What makes them so amazing? Well aside from the great Science 101 aesthetic of his presentation, Tapley introduces several entirely original mural  interpretations into the DIA Conspiracy lexicon, albeit of a decidedly doomsday Christian bent.

Part 1: “Denver Airport Murals: Prophecies of Satan!”

In this video, Tapley argues that the masked soldier in the 2nd panel of Tanguma mural “All the Children of the World Dream of Peace” has used his sword to slice through buildings that actually represent the twin World Trade Center towers toppled in a terrorist attack on 9.11. Given that the murals were painted in the early-’90s, Tapley reasons that this is one of the many ways that Tanguma is  has served as a quiet prophet for the end times. Tapley also analyzes two other paintings housed at DIA that have never before been introduced under the conspiracy umbrella.

Part 2: Denver Murals Are Hidden Warnings To Barack Obama
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