YouTuber “Occultscience101” posted this video about¬†“The Mustang” sculpture at DIA by the late artist Luis Jiminez¬†. In the description, they write:

The Denver airport , is nothing but an extension of Vatican Nazi symbolism and theology , the mayor at the time i lived there was Frederico Pena , who has since been moved up to a high position , He,s a scumbag and so are all the artist,s that participated in the murals and whatever evil lays beneath the airport

Lexington by Edward Troye

Lexington by Edward TroyeThe new symbol2010 World Equestrian Game in 2010 World Equestrian Gamesfor the Now Lexington, Kentucky has LEX the Horse,

The new symbol for the 2010 World Equestrian Games in Lexington, Kentucky will be Lex The Horse, based off of this old-ass painting. Curiously similar to the Blue Mustang of Death at Denver International Airport, this blue steed is already greeting folks on billboards throughout the south. Apparently everyone down there loves the demon Mustang’s docile boyfriend…. guess they don’t know about the killer history of the huge blue horses. They ought to ask Luis Jiminez — from beyond the grave!

More pics:

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