If it’s meant to be hidden why make it so obvious?

June 7, 2011

An article by Chris Burke touches on one of the main contradictions that many conspiracy theorists have arrived at when pondering DIA. The murals, statues and “New World” time capsule are all held up as indicators of something sinister at the airport. But then, if there were indeed something sinister, why would the evil people advertise it so blatantly?

He writes:

The most obscure conspiracy theory is quite possibly the runway designs. The ariel shot resembling a swastika does seem bizarre. If there were underground death chambers hidden, why would one risk revealing it by arranging runways in these patterns?

Indeed. Full text below.

There are several conspiracy theories concerning the Denver Airport in Colorado, USA. An aerial view of the airport reveals strange patterns of runways resembling a German swastika. Furthermore, strange murals in the airport halls are said to reveal a sinister message. Even more bizarre is a set of underground buildings said to have been constructed under the runways.

Many conspiracy theorists believe that this is the site of the New World Order survivors or a place to extinguish those not chosen for survival. New World Order is said to be a master plan by the world elite to eradicate a large portion of the human race.

The five massive buildings buried deep under the runways have been confirmed, although the airport authority and US government deny its existence.

What can we make of these massive buildings buried underground, which the government has denied? Queen Elizabeth II and other important world diplomats have purchased property near the airport. Some theorists have speculated that the underground buildings are a concentrate camp with built in gas chambers.

However, military analysts say that this sounds like a top secret classified bunker meant for nuclear warfare. The shower systems throughout the bunker and the layers of walls evidence a massive military bunker. These bunkers are meant to be top secret for a reason. However, theorists have only a portion of the story when they interviewed workers on the location, what they were building and not how the buildings were to be used.

The mural in the airport (some have been painted over), do appear sinister. The murals depict varying images of war, peace and liberation. Many theorists believe that these murals are a sign of genocide of the human race, symbols of what is buried underneath, a death chamber.

However, the artist of the murals, Leo Tanguma, is a chicano muralist who describes his inspiration as, “the struggle for human liberation and democracy. This refers to dehumanizing conditions oppressed peoples strive to overcome such as poverty and homelessness in our cities, the destruction of the environment, racism and exploitation or any unjust conditions.” The symbols in his murals could be easily misidentified as something evil, when in fact the artist is trying to channel freedom.

The most obscure conspiracy theory is quite possibly the runway designs. The ariel shot resembling a swastika does seem bizarre. If there were underground death chambers hidden, why would one risk revealing it by arranging runways in these patterns?

I had the luck of flying into the new Denver airport when it was first constructed in 1995. At that time, most of the main terminal was incomplete. It was so new. As we were flying in the captain told us that the new airport had runways that were designed to combat air pressure turbulence. Denver is a mile high city flanked with high mountain ranges, which creates abnormal turbulence. The new runways were designed to give the pilots options of take off and landing points according to the air pressure on the ground. It was specifically designed for the Denver weather and air pressure, according to our pilot. Perhaps it is a coincidence that the different angled runways appear to look like a swastika.

If the United States was planning to “cleanse” the human race in this facility, I guess they will have to find a new place now. The cat’s out of the bag.


7 Responses to “If it’s meant to be hidden why make it so obvious?”

  1. not really…most people dont pay attention…it is only obvious to some and even if everyone knew they wouldnt do anything about it….it might disrupt some valuable T.V time or whatever distraction has been manufactured to ,well, distract

    • mufasa said

      “if there were indeed something sinister, why would the evil people advertise it so blatantly?”

      They have a code of honor. They can never stab you in the back, in secret. They invite the press in their mega rituals – for ‘all the world to see’ The 2nd plane in the WTC is just one such example. Few people would dare believe this, but it is the truth.

  2. The New World was what the Americas were once called. It never said New World Order on the capstone either. Where as I think something is up with DIA the paranoid ruin it for legit conspiracy theories and that really gets on my nerves :/

    • I suggest a close look at the following JFK Speech.
      PART 1

      PART 2

      • Your point is? He is talking about the threat of communism around the world and telling the media to not lie to the people but, give them the truth and freedom of speech even if it was against popular speech and opinion via the 1st Amendment of the Constitution of the United States which allows us to. He was the most patriotic president next to Abe in American history. He doesn’t even mention secret societies in the U.S. but, in the world abroad in communist nations with an agenda against us. You really need to study that period. You are connecting the wrong dots and this still doesn’t prove a New World Order or what was on that stone has anything to do with it. Masons don’t count. Like what the topic says “If it’s meant to be hidden why make it so obvious?” especially if they want the smarter perceptive to the agenda dead? They won’t.

    • Andrew said

      I have spent the last couple hours reading about the curious DIA conspiracies (including comments) and your comment was the 1st to acknowledge what I had been thinking all along. There are a few facts that don’t add up and I believe there is something more to DIA than on the surface, however, I wish more people could stick to the facts and keep an open mind without the need for sensational tangents. I even saw that someone believes that there is a race of reptilian aliens running a slave camp populated by lost children beneath DIA, come on people really! Let’s keep it in the realm of reality so that we can have a real pragmatic discussion.

  3. I also see dual symbolism like the swastika (a symbol of love to Hindus, Jains and Buddhists) is in just about everything there and the western view would look at the darker meaning rather than their true origins. Things aren’t as they seem and never judge a book by its cover is the moral I take from Denver International Airport.

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