March 31, 2011

This video was taken over the town of Lafayette, which is roughly 25 miles west of DIA. Interesting how they use the Close Encounters music in this ABCNews spot given the strange association some have made between the movie and the airport.



  1. Bumblebee said

    There aren’t any aliens, people. Any “unidentified flying objects” have to be military. The military has a huge presence in Colorado and we have been giving them all this dough for years. These lights could be due to new laser toys, for instance.

  2. Wonka Jr. said

    So… Lots of dough = Laser Toys…?? hmmm… Maybe we give them all this “Dough”, to pay a bunch of drones like you, to assure us all that “anything unidentifiable is the work of our MILITARY”! Soon, your efforts to discredit eye witness accounts will have our children sending wish lists to “Sgt. Santa”. Thanks for the education to replace our pesky imagination. Mr. Killjoy.

  3. Koze616 said

    To say there are no aliens is the most ignorant thing I’ve heard in a long time. So this whole universe is built specifically for us hey. And we are the most intelligent life in the universe. Sounds a little ignorant to me.

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