This video was taken over the town of Lafayette, which is roughly 25 miles west of DIA. Interesting how they use the Close Encounters music in this ABCNews spot given the strange association some have made between the movie and the airport.

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In reference to the amazingClose Encounters/Google Earth/DIA connection, someone brought up a 2008 posting from a Canadian website about the Illuminati.

The author uses longitudinal coordinates to argue for a mysterious masonic link between the NORAD military installation, Roswell, the Devil’s Tower rock formation seen in Close Encounters, and Denver International Airport. Great stuff.

Ley Line links Devil’s Tower-Denver Airport-Norad-Roswell
(Scoreboard Canada contributor: Sept. 1st, 2008 ) 

The present article provides the reader with evidence of the discovery of a major North South Ley Line, also called by the Chinese a Dragon Line. These are psychic/magnetic/ethereal locations or lines of power that traverse the Earth. They may be activated by the Earth’s rotation on its axis while revolving around the Sun. The illuminati use them frequently in their works. Much of their numerology and architecture appears linked or based to this phenomena.

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Wow. That’s all. Follow discussion about this at Above Top Secret.

This video by DeadTreeTV is a good, comprehensive run-down of the history of the DIA Conspiracy. Odd though how it uses stock photo art rather than images of the real DIA murals. They must be paranoid about the copyright conspiracy.