Albert Pike and DIA underground?

January 9, 2011

Gen. Albert Pike

I recently came across a lengthy posting by someone calling themselves Prophetess D titled
“Prophetic warning to Christians; Jews about the New World Order.” The essay-like treatise ties elements of multiple conspiracy theories having to do with the New World Order, Naziism, RFID microchipping, the UN, and a general belief that the global elite will attempt to control the global population through genocide.  The author’s argument eventually lands at Denver International Airport with a few new Biblical interpretations and a connection to the famous masonic writer and moralist Albert Pike:

Google Denver Int’l Airport-new world order on youtube and watch the video showing the place. There is an entire underground city there to be a headquarter for the new world order. The building was built by freemasons (it has a masonic capstone) who at the top level are sat–ists (unknown to the lower levels). I have read the handbook for the 32 degree Scottish Rite, written by Albert Pike, a sat–ist. It says “we worship the Luciferian principle, but we don’t tell the lower levels this”. The buildings at DIA are shaped like a swastika. There are creepy murals showing the end of the world and people in coffins. The people in the coffins look like a 3rd world african, an indian and a girl holding a bible with a cross on it and wearing a jewish star. The murals show soldiers with gas masks and swords killing a dove, and mothers holding dead babies. This image of the sword confirms the word God gave me in Ezekiel 33 about “the sword is coming”.

Just like Hitler warned us in mein kampf of who he intended to kill, this airport’s murals are warning who they intend to kill thru genocide. The coffins are showing blacks, Indians, Jews & Christians, among others. The Holy Spirit gave me a “witness” about this place. Jesse Ventura also investigates it in his “conspiracy theory” show on the episode 2012. He shows the Masonic capstone, where it says “New World Airport Commission”. They show the underground tunnels, and one of his interviewees says many workers have told him about the tunnels, it being an underground city. Outside there are large areas with barbed wire fences, facing in (to keep people in). The tunnels at DIA have sprinklers in the ceilings, which is weird because they are concrete tunnels. They must plan on piping in gases or viruses to kill people, like the Nazis did in the showers. That would explain the murals of all the dead people.

The stuff about the murals, the commission and the concrete tunnels are plucked directly from Alex Christopher’s writing from 10-years ago. But the connection that Prophetess D seemed to make to the hierarchical membership “levels” of the Freemasons with the rumored underground levels of DIA is a new one we can add to the Files.


7 Responses to “Albert Pike and DIA underground?”

  1. Kay said

    We were out at the DIA airport when in Denver in December of 2009. Drove all the way around the outside perimeter of DIA just out of curiousity to see what truth there was to the “inward” facing fences. All barbed wire fences around the entire airport face outwards.

  2. zenitram said

    you sure? cuz isnt it like 50 odd some square miles i dont think you would be able to see that far around the perimeter. not saying i dont believe you but it is the largest airport in the country

    • Kay said

      you’re right, it is huge. You can get around almost the entire area through back roads (took quite awhile)though. There are some areas you can’t get too, but it is quite visible & quite obvious which direction the fences point. At least the very outer ones

      • Kay said

        Was also there for a preview tour before the airport opened to the public & I will agree that the artwork is extremely odd (to say the least)!! Only been at that airport probably less than 1/2 a dozen times since it was built & never even noticed the horse until 2 yrs ago. Guess it was because that was our only trip in the dark out there. It’s eyes were lit up & I can honestly say that it is the ugliest/creepiest thing I’ve seen!

  3. marooned llama said

    were all gonna die. and i live in CO colorado springs. so i guess mainly, im gonna die. damn it i really don’t wanna get gased in some concentration camp underground DIA.

  4. There is one telling evidence as to Freemasons involvement in any of this bullshit NWO reality.

    Pay attention!

    Not one member of the Skull and Bones has ever been found worthy of the title “Freemason”, ever!

    Read between the lines.

    If the Freemasons were inclined to say anything, they wouldn’t say a word anyway.

    This conspiracy stems from the Tavistock institute.

    • The very esoteric sculpture of the gargoyle in the suit case is the mascot of the bonesmen.

      There is a bonesmens cave behind the wall behind the gargoyle.

      The statue of jeppesson is actually falling down drunk Prescott Bush.

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