Elevator 17 going up…

January 31, 2011

A posting dating 1/28/11 on a message board:

The last time I flew into the Denver International Airport, they blindfolded me just before we landed. When they took the blindfold off, I was in some sort of an underground tunnel and there were guys wearing black and carrying machine guys. I asked which way to baggage and he said he couldn’t tell me unless I could tell him the code word for the day. I couldn’t do it so I wandered around for almost 12 hours and I missed my connecting flight. Never did find my luggage. I recommend staying as far away from that airport as you can. If it’s any kind of a help, remember Elevator 17. It’s the only one there that goes up.


Witch doctors at DIA?

January 31, 2011

Spotted this passage in the text version of a recent university lecture on project management that goes pretty deep into the construction of DIA:

Denver international airport  had a poor public relations image from the beginning, but it did not help when  it came to the attention of the then Mayor Webb that the new airport was being built on an ancient Indian burial and warring site and this led to several rituals being performed by the Indian witch doctors in an effort to appease the dead spirits. The Mayor at a later stage also commissioned murals to be painted for the new airport. The murals that were painted were considered offense because they depicted an African woman, a Red Indian woman and a Caucasian lady lying in open caskets. This led to a lot of speculation that the murals had  masonic interpretations.

The vast majority of visitors to this blog over the past 12 months have arrived through a search engine. According to the site’s stats, the phrases or words they most often typed in while searching were “dia conspiracy”, “dia murals” and “leo tanguma.”

But there are plenty of other subjects or phrases that drew viewers here, such as “dia swastika”, “andrew basiago“, “government map of underground tunnels” and “reptiloid conspiracy“, that provide a bit of insight into the types of things the public is interested in regarding the DIA Conspiracy.

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Below, a full list of the searches and the corresponding number of viewers:



    dia conspiracy/12,990

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    dia conspiracy murals/485

    children of the world dream of peace/432

    underground bases/415

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    Gen. Albert Pike

    I recently came across a lengthy posting by someone calling themselves Prophetess D titled
    “Prophetic warning to Christians; Jews about the New World Order.” The essay-like treatise ties elements of multiple conspiracy theories having to do with the New World Order, Naziism, RFID microchipping, the UN, and a general belief that the global elite will attempt to control the global population through genocide.  The author’s argument eventually lands at Denver International Airport with a few new Biblical interpretations and a connection to the famous masonic writer and moralist Albert Pike:

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