Fox 31 features the DIA conspiracy theory

November 25, 2010

Ahh, sweeps week! That can be the only explanation why a local Denver TV channel would send a reporter out to DIA to allow a few airport reps to “debunk” a Jesse Ventura cable show that aired 11 months ago.

[Thanks to Redacted News for the video posts.]
Here’s the text from Fox 31’s Heidi Hemmat:

DENVER — Denver International Airport is where thousands of conspiracy theories have taken off.

Suspicion surrounds the airport’s remote location and massive size.

Many believe DIA’s underground tunnels are secret bunkers built for 2012 Apocalypse and they question the strange murals that seem to depict the end of the world, and the Masonic plaque in the terminal that appears to be dedicated to a new world order, with its inscription that says “New World Airport Commission.”

The strange signs and symbols are the topic of TV shows, including “Conspiracy Theory,” starring Jesse Ventura.

But now DIA is debunking the conspiracy theories, by allowing FOX31 News cameras into areas no TV crew has been before.

Deep inside DIA’s dark tunnels where conspiracy theories are born. DIA’s Jeff Green says the airport staff has heard the rumors about secret bunkers, underground concentration camps, even a hiding place for aliens.

But Green says the actual reason the tunnels were built, were to house miles and miles of underground tracks for an automated baggage system that was supposed to be “state-of-the-art” but never worked. That’s why the tunnels are now used by thousands of baggage handlers who speed through the underground maze delivering luggage from one place to another.

Green admits it is an underground city of sorts. But he says there are no secret bunkers. When asked if he had shown us everything underground, Green said, “I’m showing you…everything…that I can find…that I know is here.”

And as for the “strange” and sometimes “scary” art, DIA art director Matt Chasansky says one mural depicts the destruction of the environment, another: the horrors of war, but right next to them are murals depicting a peaceful future. He says the murals are not meant to be viewed separately, but as a continuing story.

Chasansky says the Masonic plaque marks the spot where a time capsule is buried. When asked why the Masons were allowed to bury artifacts in an international airport, Chasansky replied, “I wasn’t there for the discussion about why that happened, but that happens in a lot of buildings because the tradition of the Masons is –as people who make buildings.”

He also said, the “New World Airport Commission,” was an advisory committee made up of local businesses that was formed while DIA was being built.

But for many conspiracy theorists, DIA’s explanation will land on deaf ears. They will always believe DIA is part of a government cover up. And nothing DIA officials say –will change that.


4 Responses to “Fox 31 features the DIA conspiracy theory”

  1. well not one of the explainations explained much of anything at all

    • SlapDuck said

      Wow, it really blows my mind that people believe a reptile race exists, how is that possible? Where did that idea come from? Why in the hell would a reptile race shape shift into our politicians and other prominent figures in society, I believe I read somewhere that Paris Hilton was a reptile as well, really? How the hell do you figure? I just have so many questions for the people who actually believe there is an evil reptilian race bent on the destruction of humankind, I really do have questions.

  2. blackbetty13 said

    EXACTLY!! Not anything he responded to even ANSWERED jacksquat!
    Inasmuch as HE admits he is ONLY showing “everything…that I can find…that ‘I know’ is here”. I believe that answers it to a T! Like some insignificant person who DOESN’T even KNOW “if” he has even seen the complete complex by his OWN admission. Too funny, dude…sorry, just no credibility at all.
    NWO “art” as BLATANT as you can be, totally IN YOUR FACE and this “Chasansky” attempts to explain it as anything BUT, all the while laying out the AGENDA of the so-called ART….hmmm, same agenda as the NWO, all perfectly EXPLAINED by the Chanasky guy HIMSELF…haha!
    And he himself-again, ANOTHER interview with a SELF CONFESSED “I don’t KNOW WHY that happened”-doesn’t even know about WHY the masonic stuff is there….WHY was he even the one they spoke with, other then a figurative talking head!
    Not one iota of an answer in this, just really was more FUEL for the thoughts about DIA…

  3. marooned llama said

    its like Fox News didn’t even do a report. “oh, i don’t no why thats there” or “I’m lost in my own airport” definetly puts us “conspirators” in our place.

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