Adonis King: DIA murals predict “new Holocaust.”

November 12, 2010

A blogger/radio host named Adonis King recently did this episode on the DIA Conspiracy. Talks about New World Order, Nazism, Operation Paper Clip, political correctness, etc, etc:

Divided into four walls, the murals painted by Leo Tanguma are supposed to represent peace, harmony and nature. But I’m not getting these messages at all. When you analyze the symbolism of the murals, you realize that they tell a terrifying story of future events about to happen, as if it was some sort of prophecy. There are specific social and political references and other occult details that basically turn those paintings into a New World Order manifesto. Tanguma reportedly confirmed that he was given guidelines for the paintings and was paid 100 000$ for the first ones. He later denied he was given instructions and refuted any questions regarding hidden meanings in his paintings. Previous Leo Tanguma murals were typical Chicano art, politically charged and community oriented. However, his work at the DIA sends a totally different “vibe”, giving me the gut feeling that he simply drew someone else’s vision.


17 Responses to “Adonis King: DIA murals predict “new Holocaust.””

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