New World Airport Commission founder dies

September 16, 2010

Charles Ansbacher, the man who coined the name of the New World Airport Commission listed on the Masonic capstone in DIA’s great hall, passed away Sunday night. He was also instrumental in creating the airport’s enormous art program, which commissioned works such as the Tanguma murals and the Mustang.

According to this article from the Colorado Springs Gazette:

Ansbacher left Colorado Springs in 1988 to serve as director of the New Airport Art Program, a $7.5 million art initiative incorporating 30 art projects into Denver International Airport’s architecture, landscaping and interior design.

“This is … the largest, most comprehensive public art project of any airport on earth,” Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper told the Cambridge Chronicle. “It’s certainly the most provocative, the most transformational. … Ansbacher has enriched every place he has been by his own vision and his willingness to give of himself back to the community.”


6 Responses to “New World Airport Commission founder dies”

  1. Who Cares said

    Glad the assistant to the Anti Christ is gone!

    • Zioncynt said

      I agree with your comment 100%. They can run but they can not hide from the Most High God in scripture it is written not even the dog that pisseth against the wall shall not escape the wrath of the Most High God on the day of judgement

    • Who Cares. Fuck you! You are mislead, misinformed and misguided. The capstone says “New World” not “New World Order”. If you had atleast a 6th grade education you would know The Americas were once called “The New World”. Glad someone died that you never even met or that never was proven to have hurt anyone proves how much of a destructive cancer you are to the world. Knowledge is power, Stupidity is the destroyer of worlds. Try gaining knowledge and become the solution please.


    you know, i don’t think he had anything to do with it.

  3. […] that many conspiracy theorists have arrived at when pondering DIA. The murals, statues and “New World” time capsule are all held up as indicators of something sinister at the airport. But then, […]

  4. I suggest a close look at the following JFK Speech.
    PART 1

    PART 2

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