Video: Construction of huge pyramid near DIA

April 30, 2010

Video recently posted on Youtube. Description:

MEMmaker3 — April 29, 2010 — In this movie segment, you will witness the construction of a man made pyramid nearly 1/2 mile x 1/2 mile x 220+ feet tall! Where did all the earth come from??? Also, take note of all the storage units. While in Antarctica, a ship came in during the spring to deliver containers to the McMurdo Station. The contents have to last at least one year prior to restocking the next year. (Contractor, Raytheon Polar Services, Denver CO)

Consider this …. the Denver airport is for the most part completed. Finish construction etc …. is for the most part done. The need for container shipments is for all practical purposes no longer needed yet, at the pyramid site, cargo containers to this day are still being delivered to the site.

Why? One of the buildings located on the site has been developed to point out into a neighboring field. Take note of the field contours! Yet, an other pyramid shape! Follow the design out to a green block of land and you will see a metal building and several figures that look like alien space ships. Now I have a good imagination but really, take a look for your self! Google Earth.

All this really calls into question as to what the “real” agenda is. Even the Queen of England has secretly purchased land in the Colorado region. Is it because of the coming date 12/2012? Is it because the Governments of the world made a pack with the Aliens? If you read about the New World Order, a vast extermination process will occur in time not maybe it will occur. Believe it or not….

RED: At 4:00AM, some will be whisked away from their very beds taken into the night. No one will ever see them again.

BLUE: Those among us who don’t have a clue or really don’t care one way or other, the so called Ostrich population. These lucky folks will receive the mark of the beast or 666.

YELLOW: (I beleive) the few carved in the block of life to lead those left from the former masses into the NWO or New World Order. The US population (if you consider all this as a possibility) are the first to be rounded up and herded off to FEMA camps for repatriation or the RED badge recipient.

Do you know which “list” your on? I don’t. It will likely be “smart” people who will have something to contribute or a rich person who has been able to buy their way into the NWO camp. Someone with something significant to offer the club. The rest … ummmmm the rest.

All the evidence has been presented to you mostly on this YouTube network. President Barack Obama recently signed into law the ability of the Government to shut down the internet at any time. The peoples voice. I would STRONGLY recommend that you copy off any data you find that you will find useful in your future life. For example, you run across a PDF file on survival information, or you want to know where survival shelters are located in your area, etc…. CLICK/file… Save Page As and copy the contents directly to your computer to a folder you create. This will become your data base in a time of need. Even with the net down, you can still access the data materials you stored directly to your computer. If you think it’s a waist of your time … simple don’t do it. It’s like buying insurance. You hope you never need it, but you pay the premium just in case, just in case those “nut cases” out here just might be onto something and trying to contribute that knowledge and make it available to you for you and your families personal use.

If we stick together as Americans and learn to trust a few among us. When the slimy slope (Pyramid) gets slippery – we may have a prayer.

Good luck and God Bless. O, if any of you have the direst number to Michael the ArchAngel, please pass it along, please.


13 Responses to “Video: Construction of huge pyramid near DIA”

  1. Devils Advocate said

    Just in case you are not from Denver… This is not a pyramid, but rather a landfill. It used to be run by BFI and is now run by Republic Waste. I enjoy reading some of your comments, but this one is inaccurate. Just wanted to point that out.

  2. thedenverb said

    that’s the city dump. nice try though.

  3. I live very close to DIA and I am a true believer of the DIA conspiracies as anyone but this is not a pyramid… This is trash mountain. This is the headquarters for Waste Management in Colorado. This is where all of Denver’s trash is buried so please remove this from this site as it is not helping build credibility in this site!!!

  4. lol@youpeople said

    So, because they have a sign that says “Landfill” you believe it? Why would they put a landfill in a giant mountain, on DIA property?

  5. Jessica said

    If you really don’t believe that it’s a landfill then go there and see for yourselves. Any local from Colorado who’s avoided the toll roads to the airport knows for a fact that it is a landfill. In this case you really are making a mountain out of a molehill.

  6. Kasey said

    Its a landfill, go drive by it, it stinks to high heavens and there are trash trucks in and out of there all day every day. I go to DIA several times a year via tower road, its a landfill, no doubt.

  7. Keeplying@yourself said

    I’ve been there more than once for extended periods, seen no trash trucks and although the scene “smelt fishy”, it didnt smell like a giant garbage mountain

  8. Anybody know why one of the underground tunnels would go to Riverton Wyoming of all places?

  9. Buddy Ramstetter said

    It’s a landfill you dolts….I work there.

  10. JT said

    You are right, it’s an underground bunker…specifically built by Bush to contain Obama and Pelosi….

    The other secret bunker is Yellowstone…It’s not a super volcano..its a super bunker…a modern day noahs ark…where animals will be housed during next years sun bursts.

  11. Gee Whiz said

    So you are telling me the Pyramid outside of Vegas that has transfer trucks running to it 24/7 is a bunker. This Denver landfill has Transfer trucks running in and out of it all day. Go look at Google earth right now…you can see the empty roll off construction containers, the trash spreaders, and transfer trucks dumping their trash there. And if you have never actually worked a garbage truck or a landfill on a regular basis….you wouldn’t recognize the smell. Trash on that scale does not smell like your rotting trash can at home…A landfill has a sweet sickly stench that can not be matched anywhere else on this planet.

  12. Gee Whiz said

    Oh and how about the fake trash pyramid next to the Gateway speedway in East St. Louis, IL? Is that a Bunker too…how about the developing trash pyramid southwest of phoenix….that must be another Obamabunker

  13. Gee Whiz said

    you have Norad and Cheyenne mountain 90 miles south…the biggest command and control center for the US government on the planet…but we are going to house dignitaries in a soft dirt mound 200 feet high instead of inside a 12000 foot solid rock mountain….So frigging laughable. This is what boredom does to people, they conjur junk like this up. This is why we need the draft and send everyone to the Middle East…so we can weed out weak minded and bored fat people that sit in front of their computers coming up with conspiracies.

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