NASA studying DIA’s “wake vortex”

December 31, 2009

Welcome to the vortex at DIA

In 2003, NASA constructed a sophisticated microphone array on the grounds of Denver International Airport to gather data on how wake vortex effects planes landing at the airport, according to this federal document.

“Two Doppler LIDARS (Light Detection and Ranging) were deployed as the ground truth wake track sensors at DIA. A CTI pulsed LIDAR as well as the MIT Lincoln Laboratory Continuous Wave LIDAR [which] emits a continuous beam of 10.6 micron wavelength…The array consisted of 252 Panasonic electret microphones installed in custom printed circuit boards which were, in turn, mounted in plastic ground plates.”

See photos of what they found below.


2 Responses to “NASA studying DIA’s “wake vortex””

  1. J Bacon said

    Jet engines… noisy.

  2. Kim said

    I would like to display some this content on my website, can you send me special links to keep t updated?

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