Jesse Ventura takes on the DIA conspiracy!

December 28, 2009

So what does a former pro-wrestler-turned-Hollywood-actor-turned-politician do now that he is no longer governor of Minnesota? Host a new show on cable where he investigates the world’s most controversial conspiracy theories, of course.

Though the first few episodes of Conspiracy Theory have focused on standbys like the 9-11 conspiracy, Ventura tells Denver’s 9News that Denver International Airport is at the top of his to-do list.

Ventura points to the infamous dedication capsule in DIA’s Great Hall as one of the oddities that caught his attention:

“But on the bottom, it says the New World Airport Commission. That doesn’t exist. You can’t find it. Why wouldn’t it say the Colorado Airport Commission, the Denver Airport Commission, or maybe the county? But it has the words, New World Airport Commission, right on the dedicated plaque, and there is no such thing as the New World Airport Commission.”

We wait with bated-breath, Jesse.


3 Responses to “Jesse Ventura takes on the DIA conspiracy!”

  1. Puppy said

    Yeah, I agree with Jesse. I have trouble believing that Charles Ansbacher helped design DIA, or that he headed the “New World Airport Commission”–or that there even was such a commission. When DIA was being designed, Ansbacher was in Colorado Springs conducting the symphony. He has no background in transportation engineering.

    It’s very convenient, now that that Masonic plaque at DIA is being questioned, to have him say he named the “New World Airport Commission” based on Dvorak’s 9th symphony (“From the New World.”) Gets some important people out of a messy situation, people Ansbacher knows well, given that he was married to billionaire heiress Swanee Hunt. She has been a big contributor to Colorado and Denver Democrats, and in this case we are talking about Denver mayors Federico Pena and Wellington Webb.

    Federico Pena (also without any background in transportation anything) became Clinton’s Transportation Secretary after (reputedly) pocketing a $1 million bribe for directing the construction of DIA where it is, instead of expanding Stapleton Airport onto the Rocky Mountain Arsenal, which was right next to it. Pena was mayor when this decision was made. The bribe was from the Silverado crooks, including Larry Mizel, Bill Walters, Ken Good, and their lawyer Norm Brownstein, who made huge bucks off flipping the land–getting the City and County of Denver to pay about 4 times what they had paid for it.

    Seeing Martin Marietta’s (now Lockheed Martin’s–the BIGGEST government contractor) name on the plaque, as well as Wellington Webb’s, is additional cause for concern. Webb–who became Denver mayor after Pena–is, himself, a Freemason, also a crook who spent his time as Denver mayor carving up Denver parks to give pieces to his developer buddies.

    I believe there is an apocalypse planned, not simply an “economic collapse of the U.S.,” but a nuclear attack. I think 9/11 was the dress rehearsal for the Big One, and that it (like 9/11) is being orchestrated by rogue elements in our own government. There have, in fact, been several fortresses built recently in the Denver area. The FBI has a brand new secure building (as of 2010), despite there being tons of vacant federal office space in the area, as do the local courts. There are supposedly tunnels in the new Denver courthouse, connecting it to the adjacent jail, a $350 million boondoggle resulting from a crooked election (as usual). The Colorado Supreme Court and Court of Appeals have a new building under construction, and the U.S. District Court is brand new, too.

    I believe that Obama will be the one ordering the nuclear attack on Denver, but that he will make it look like the attack came from Iran, thus manufacturing a pretext to go to war with Iran.

    Obama’s nomination for president was engineered by Brownstein partner Steve Farber, by the way, who brought the DNC to Denver. Bet THEY all got a tour of the underground city at DIA when they came for the convention in 2008!

  2. Alison Maynard said

    Rodney Stich writes extensively about the frauds surrounding DIA, as well as the bribe to Pena (which he reports as $1.5 million), in “Defrauding America.” He states the fact of the bribe was reported to him by one of his CIA contacts, and that they have it on tape. It was made by Leonard Millman, who was one of, and in league with, the S&L crooks Puppy listed. These crooks control everything in Colorado. For more about them, see Pete Brewton’s 1992 book, “The Mafia, CIA, and George Bush.”

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