Right-wingers say Denver the center of satanist NWO takeover

October 31, 2009

In February, evangelical “journalist”Pamela Schuffert wrote an article called “Denver NEW CAPITOL of USA Under NWO” for the American Friend Patriot Network website that says satanists connected with the illuminati, George Soros and the Vitamin Cottage stores are staging a world takeover from various facilities beneath Denver.

One main staging ground, of course, is DIA:

“…the deep underground military base beneath the Denver airport (DIA) will be a major hub of NWO activity under the coming military regime. The old Carter Stapleton airport is being refurbished to include people detention facilities (cells) according to construction workers informing Pentagon source Al Cuppett in a previous report I received.”

Read the whole thing below

Sun Feb 22, 2009
-Pamela Schuffert

I have personally spent much time in Denver and surrounding regions investigating, have performed more than one radio broadcast live from there, and interviewing of many information sources,including former CIA there.

Denver is already designated to be the NEW CAPITOL OF AMERICA under coming martial law/NWO. A MILITARY based capitol, since the NWO/martial law regime is essentially a MILITARY TAKEOVER of this nation.

In fact, many agencies and offices in Washington DC have been quietly moving their base of operations to the Denver area.The CIA is a major one, quietly moving many of their operations into the Denver area.

Many of us investigative journalists have long known that the NWO forces have predestined Washington DC to go up in flames by plan, and the NEW capitol of America in the future to be DENVER COLORADO.

Which of course includes it’s nearby surrounding region of COLORADO SPRINGS and it’s many military bases such as Fort Carson, the Cheyenne Mountain NORAD facility (though being used for other purposes as well now)and others.

I have also broadcast live from Cheyenne Mountain as well. Some of this mountain is open to public access and use, including the zoo there.When I attempted to get inside through the tours they used to conduct, they explained that since 9/11, no longer do they conduct tours into Cheyenne Mountain.

My friend and one military information source, Brian Johnson, used to work as a security guard for Cheyenne Mountain when he was in the USAF. They tried to recuit him into the USAF NWO agenda and into working for it.

He told me how, in Cheyenne Mountain, they presented him with classified information regarding the future takeover of America by the US military for the NWO agenda.

In Cheyenne Mountain, they showed him a map of the NORTH AMERICAN CONTINENT: he told me that all of the borders were erased (USA/CANADA/MEXICO)to form REGION NUMBER ONE of the ten world region of the NEW WORLD ORDER. And when he got angry and said NO, they made his life hell. He finally had to retire and go out of state.

Brian said, “They fully prepared us in Cheyenne Mountain for coming MARTIAL LAW. I was trained to deal with civilian resistance in Colorado Springs. IF martial law had been declared when I was working there, one of my assignments was to report to the local post office in the Springs, and help keep things under control as people reported there to register under martial law. White vans would be waiting there for people to be taken away to camps who were on the lists. If anyone did not cooperate, I was instructed in how to put a bullet through their head at a strategic location to stop them immediately…”

Brian has now relocated to OKC and works in a gun store. And he told me that sale have been GOING OFF THE CHART since OBAMA WAS ELECTED.

And of course the deep underground military base beneath the Denver airport (DIA) will be a major hub of NWO activity under the coming military regime. The old Carter Stapleton airport is being refurbished to include people detention facilities (cells) according to construction workers informing Pentagon source Al Cuppett in a previous report I received.

A fascinating aspect of the preparation for NWO agenda in Denver is the Pope John Paul II Center for the “NEW EVANGELISM” that I have personally visited and performed a live broadcast nearby as well.

The Roman Catholic church plays a major role in the NWO. Many believe that the term “NEW EVANGELISM” is in reference to the future renewal of forced conversion and inquisitions, since Rome fully intends to be the headquarters representing the “official church” of the emerging NEW WORLD ORDER.

I was fascinated to discover, through other researchers I met with in Denver, to uncover the fact that there is a huge underground facility beneath this Pope John Paul II center in Denver, with tunnels leading out to various residences in the area, and that the CIA has been using it to conduct certain operations as well.

There is always so much going on in Denver pertaining to the NWO. Much infiltrating of Patriot/militia groups hostile to the NWO agenda goes on there in Denver. Two notable people infiltrating for the CIA and FBI were Stew Webb(FBI) and Jeff Swedenburg (CIA).

I personally met with families infiltrated by them who gave me details. (Jack and Cyndra Brunner and Jack and Jeannie Stover. One is now dead under mysterious circumstances, Jack Brunner.)Doug Millar has also performed infiltration of Patriot groups there as well.

And much more, always going on in that region. NWO Illuminati rituals going on after hours in the KIMBALL CASTLE outside Denver, that have included Anton Lavay and Bush Sr, according to Anton’s Christian son, Jesse, who I have interviewed.

The VITAMIN COTTAGE chain stores in that area are owned by PHILLIP ISLEY, who is a big money NWO agenda supporter and member of at least one NWO agenda organization there.

MUCH hard-core satanism goes on throughout the Denver and surrounding areas. I interveiwed satanists willing to talk in one occult supply/book store on Colfax at that time in Denver, and one woman boasted to me openly that my research on satanist aspect of the NWO agenda was all true. I later published this in my previous book.

When I mentioned that I knew about the detention camps that would be used to terminate Christian resistesrs of THEIR NWO agenda, and my uncovering gassing/crematory facilities in place at some of these deathcamps as well, she smiled and retorted, “Yes, it’s true, and the BURNINGS SHALL GO ON AND ON….” (of dead Christians bodies.) I was happy to get out of that place…

And satanism/Illuminism is the religion of the satanic NWO. Denver is a major center of SABBATEAN (Jewish branch) satanism and every other kind. Leonard Millman lived in the Cherry Creek area there, the former CIA drug money launderer/Silverado scandal. He was a major player in the Sabbatean satanist scene there as well, as eye-witnesses told me.

Much occultic activities goes on in the mountains surrounding Denver regarding satanic rituals and sacrifice. MANITOU SPRINGS is considered one of the major satanist/witch strongholds in the nation today, near Colorado Springs and right outside Denver about an hour a way. I have been there many times to pray and fast against their darkness.

BOULDER COLORADO, right outside Denver about a half hour away, is also another satanic stronghold. One family I am in contact with is under active attack from the “witches of Boulder” for their Christian stand. I have walked PEARL STREET many times praying for that region. There is a major satanic occultic book store there on Pearl Street in Boulder, that pushes the NWO agenda also.

Powerful Hungarian Jew GEORGE SOROS, a major NWO pusher, has also been very active in the Denver area as well.

The Denver area remains a major satanic stronghold for the NWO agenda. I wish more Christians in that area would wake up to this reality and start to PRAY.


One Response to “Right-wingers say Denver the center of satanist NWO takeover”

  1. Sunny said

    Not “Carter” Stapleton. It’s “Ben” Stapleton.

    Anyway, a housing development and lots of new shops are at Stapleton now–and also the new headquarters of the FBI, which moved there without fanfare in early 2010. It is the most secure building I have ever seen. They won’t even let you go to the bathroom in the main fortress–you have to go back outside to the separate guardhouse, where the metal detector and entry guards are.

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