More freaky Mustang pics!

October 8, 2009

El DIAblo is coming for you!

El DIAblog is coming for you!

Read about the Mustang sculpture here. More pics below.






Goodbye, everyone!

Goodbye, everyone!


2 Responses to “More freaky Mustang pics!”

  1. Simone said

    I have trouble believing that Luis Jiminez was killed accidentally, a piece of his statue falling on him. Let’s hypothesize that he was balking at instructions from Denver to do something to this work of art like put a device inside like a bomb which will release anthrax powder upon receiving a signal. So, he dragged his feet all those years not wanting to make a statue like that; he’s killed; and the statue is done, pronto.

    More believable than the story they are giving us.

  2. […] posted this video aboutĀ “The Mustang” sculpture at DIA by the late artist Luis JiminezĀ . In the description, they write: The Denver airport , is nothing but an extension of Vatican Nazi […]

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