Some see strange patterns in the land around DIA

October 8, 2009

From Zweifler via

Hello, i found some interesting internet articles about this airport. So i took a close look on it using Google maps and found mysterious interferences on the photos. These kind of Newton´s rings are around the airport for more than 50 miles and seem to disturb people crossing them (like in the pic). In February 2007 the windshields of 14 planes cracked within a three-and-a-half-hour period at the airport. Al Bielek says there are connections to Montauk. Henry Kissinger let it built.

"Newton's rings" around DIA?

2 Responses to “Some see strange patterns in the land around DIA”

  1. Jens (Zweifler) said

    Nice to see my discovery stored in the internet while 911movement is off. Pay attention to the tracks of the tractor.
    By the way, you´re doing great work – it´s a very good collection of facts here.
    Greetings from Germany

  2. Jens (Zweifler) said

    I just checked GoogleMaps and i had to discover that there are new pictures of the area. To see these anomalies you have to use GoogleEarth´s “Historical Imagery”.

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