Here a guy talks about the Mustang, murals, the underground base, dead children, Nazis. Thank you, Youtube. Thank. You. So…much. zzzzz.


In February, evangelical “journalist”Pamela Schuffert wrote an article called “Denver NEW CAPITOL of USA Under NWO” for the American Friend Patriot Network website that says satanists connected with the illuminati, George Soros and the Vitamin Cottage stores are staging a world takeover from various facilities beneath Denver.

One main staging ground, of course, is DIA:

“…the deep underground military base beneath the Denver airport (DIA) will be a major hub of NWO activity under the coming military regime. The old Carter Stapleton airport is being refurbished to include people detention facilities (cells) according to construction workers informing Pentagon source Al Cuppett in a previous report I received.”

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In 1994, Alex Christopher and Phil Schneider gained access to the underground facilities beneath Denver International Airport before it officially opened.

Below are some of the photos they took, along with commentary written by Ms. Christopher in 1995: Read the rest of this entry » has been listing on conspiracy theories lately and now they’ve included the DIA conspriacy in the post “10 More Fascinating Conspiracies.” Best part is how they add a new twist by bringing former-mayoral-wifey Wilma Webb into the fray. Now there’s a conspiracy!

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Flying toward DIA

Flying toward DIA

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Denver International Airport Secret Undergroud

The Montauk horse and the DIA Mustang -- WTF?!

The Montauk horse and the DIA Mustang -- WTF?!

From Zweifler via

Hello, i found some interesting internet articles about this airport. So i took a close look on it using Google maps and found mysterious interferences on the photos. These kind of Newton┬┤s rings are around the airport for more than 50 miles and seem to disturb people crossing them (like in the pic). In February 2007 the windshields of 14 planes cracked within a three-and-a-half-hour period at the airport. Al Bielek says there are connections to Montauk. Henry Kissinger let it built.

"Newton's rings" around DIA?

More freaky Mustang pics!

October 8, 2009

El DIAblo is coming for you!

El DIAblog is coming for you!

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