Reptilian lingust translates meaning of DIA floor markings

September 13, 2009

Code found in the floor of DIA's Great Hall

Code found in the floor of DIA's Great Hall

Much theorizing has occurred over the floor designs and phrases embedded in the marble floor throughout DIA’s main terminal known as the Great Hall. Officials say it’s an art project called 21st Century Artifacts. Others say the words translate to Navajo names for mountains in Colorado that can be connected to mysterious occurrences.

But one theorist with the anti-Reptilian blog “Wiolawa Press” reads an entirely different meaning into the pictured phrase DIZIT DIT GAII. Translated from the Dracos language, it is a statement predicting death and destruction for the human race at the hands of the shape-shifting Reptilian overlords that some say control DIA.

This author, who possesses a special “understanding of the languages used by these [Reptilod] creatures on this planet,” says that the phrase’s true meaning is this:

D= Death…….Z= Master
DD =Death Defier
IT = i am a flyer(T= bird- of Death) Draco/Pteradon/dactyl
G= the gift (X) sacrifice for POWER(human sacrifice)
A= ancestral gods… of the air and water(A)
II= the BLACK HOLE=matter/antimatter

What does this mean?

The Reptilians — who some claim walk among us with the outward appearance of humans — are awaiting the coming of one they call the “Death Defier,” and “ancient” Draco being who will turn the airport into a “black hole of death,” thus beginning the great feast of the humans.

Or something like that. Read more here.


5 Responses to “Reptilian lingust translates meaning of DIA floor markings”

  1. […] He also went on to tell me that most of these bases are now jointly occupied by humans and either ancient earth races or alien races. According to him, these underground bases are to serve many different purposes, […]

  2. J Bacon said

    Who comes up with this horseshit? Ha ha ha ha fucken retards!

  3. That was a bit creepy! Where do they get such idea? This is really interesting though. You had me there. Nice one 🙂

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  5. VNChronicler said

    “Unable to display webpage”. Hmm. Maybe they’re onto something.

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