Denver men say their car was searched and pictures stolen near DIA

July 15, 2009

A poster who goes by “alexbassguy” on says that his car became mysteriously disabled after he and his brother discovered a strange videotape disposal area in a remote area near DIA. When they returned an hour later the car had been searched and the photo card containing the pictures they had taken were missing. He also reports seeing odd equipment and “underground markers” sticking from the ground.

Here is what he wrote:

About a month ago, me and my brother (who lives about five minutes away from DIA in a suburb called Green Valley Ranch) decided to go driving around the backroads around DIA to scope out some cool photography spots. After driving for a bit, we found ourselves on a dirt road approximately a mile away from the airport (which was in plain view of our position.) He is (or was) rather “unsavvy” to the conspiracies surrounding DIA. I was filling him in on the way, while observing many, many strange things about our surroundings – namely, the absurd amount of comm equipment surrounded by small buildings jutting out of random fields, as well as more “underground markers” (indicators of buried pipelines, cables, etc.) and just plain wierd tube-type apperati than I have ever seen. We stopped to look around, and discovered a trash dump site about 50 feet off of the road. I instantly snapped into “ATS Investigator!” mode and started poking around. What I found freaked me out.

In addition to seemingly normal house trash, I discovered dozens and dozens of violently destroye VHS tapes, CDs, cassettes, and old data tape reels. Someone did NOT want whatever was on these recovered – not only were the plastic housings smashed considerably, someone had gone to the time and trouble to slice each tape into hundreds of pieces. It had all been contained inside plain white trash bags, but it appeared as if someone had kicked them around some. Reminder – this was quite far off the beaten path.

Picadilly Rd. and E. 64th Ave. Denver, CO

Google Earth and/or Maps that. The small cropping of buildings is one of the multitude of comm sites I was talking about. However, the trash dump site, as well as the roadside markers and many other strange features, are NOT in the satellite photos. Fascinating.

Anyways, after finding the tapes at the dump site, me and Jor were standing around discussing the theories and what we should do with the debris, when we heard that distinctive “Whoop Whoop!” of an angry officer. We started, looked around – nothing. No cops, no unmarkeds, nothing. (I remember a report of an identical incident happening at Skinwalker Ranch – connection?) Anyways, we decided that whatever it was, it was an indicator that we should LEAVE. Upon attempting to do so, we discovered that our car was dead. This was impossible, Jor had replaced the battery a week before. But the car was deader than a doornail. We decided to walk to the road (about a mile) and see if we couldn’t find someone to help us (we were not about to push a Subaru Legacy a mile down a slightly-uphill dirt road.) Upon returning to the car an hour later with a friendly civillian, we discovered that the car had been neatly – but thoroughly – searched. The memory card for Jor’s camera was missing, as was a piece of tape I had decided to grab. Who (or what) searched his car remains a total mystery. After a quick jump, it fired right back up, and we went home.

So what about that?


2 Responses to “Denver men say their car was searched and pictures stolen near DIA”

  1. Resident said

    Sorry to burst your bubble, but this land doesn’t belong to DIA, in fact it belongs to Developers. The name of this area is High Point, I am a resident there. It is a large development that will take many years to complete, but has no association with DIA. The developer is called LNR Property. 64th Avenue just a milk or so past dunkirk becomes a non paved road at this point in time. And there are clear no trespassing signs posted, so I would discourage others from heading out there. The developer has a few guys who work out there on a daily basis who notice the tresspassers and escort them off. It happened to me once before. And lots of people go dump their trash on the empty land back there.

    • Investigator said

      if they are only there to “notice the tresspassers and excort them off” then why did they damage the car and steal hard drives? If they were ‘a bad bunch’ with sticky hand…why not take the more valueble items….such as the car itself.

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