DIA: Flux and Fungus

July 11, 2009

An excerpt from the article “The Denver Airport Underground: A Shadow Government?” :

There are no power lines near the airport. A high level of electromagnetic flux is surrounding the entire area. This has added to conspiracy theories suggesting that the underground of the airport has some significant generators that are used to power the entire shadow government that may be under the airport.

Also, there is a suspicious place on the ground level of the airport that is considered to be an entry to the underground. Conspiracy theories have stated that this area is one that employees at the airport are not allowed to go into unless they have biological protective suits. This is because of an unidentified fungus that is present in the area that can get into the lungs of people who are unprotected and therefore get killed.


One Response to “DIA: Flux and Fungus”

  1. Check out pictures 11 and 12, my granddaughter took them, #11 is in the middle of the food court not under but near the hanging jet. She said there was a small glass enclosure and she looked down. She’s nine. I dicovered the pictures three weeks later when we got home.

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