Cooling vents connected to underground base?

July 11, 2009

Huge cooling vents next to terminal

Huge cooling vents next to terminal

From an internet source:

There is the Deep Underground Military Base underneath Denver International Airport, which is over 22 miles in diameter and goes down over 8 levels. It’s no coincidence that the CIA is relocating the headquarters of its domestic division, which is responsible for operations in the United States, from the CIA’s Langley headquarters to Denver…DIA serves as a cover for the vast underground facilities that were built there. There are reports of electronic/magnetic vibrations which make some people sick and cause headaches in others. There are acres of fenced-in areas which have barbed wire pointing into the area as if to keep things in, and small concrete stacks that resemble mini-cooling towers rise out of the acres of nowhere to apparently vent underground levels. The underground facility is 88.3 square mile deep. Basically this Underground Base is 8 cities on top of each other! These city-sized bases can hold millions and millions of people, whether they are mind controlled, enslaved NWO World Army Soldiers or innocent and enslaved surface dwellers from the towns and cities of America and Canada.


3 Responses to “Cooling vents connected to underground base?”

  1. […] hot, not cool like a basement. He said it was hot because there were many level below it and the heat from there was rising from below […]

  2. P Chu said

    They aren’t cooling vents, and they aren’t ‘mini cooling towers’; they are cooling towers. And by the size I’d say 1500 Tons each, or enough for about 2-3million square feet of indoor space. About right for an airport.

  3. […] Fasilitas lain yang dimiliki oleh DIA adalah ventilasi raksasa. Menurut film ‘ Jesse Ventura – Secret Underground 2012 Base at Denver Airport’, Jesse mengatakan bahwa itu adalah sistem bahan bakar, mungkin saja, akan tetapi tangki bahan bakar terletak di lokasi yang berbeda. Fasilitas ini mungkin saja alat untuk memompa bahan bakar dan bisa juga merupakan Ventilasi raksasa – Sumber Klik disini. […]

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