Symbols, symbols everywhere…

June 26, 2009

DIA capstone

DIA capstone

Glenn of Denver says he has found a plethora of Masonic symbology connecting the DIA conspiracy to other prominent Denver locations:

I just moved to Denver area to be near my kids and while property hunting would chk satilite maps on mapquest to give me a sense of the area. I commented to my daughter than the Denver Int Airport looks just like a Swastika. My daughter informed me that conspiracy people say DUMBs (deep underground military base)are under DIA. Well, an internet check showed all kinds of interesting info from contriversial murals to the masonic plaque dedicating DIA as The “New World Airport”. Seems many folks think a New World Order is to be useing the DIA airport and with ( Im serious) aliens in the deep underground levels. Well, being retired Im game for a mystery !

The masonic connection got my attention as I am a history buff. the Colorado State House, Denver City Hall, and the open air courtyard they share form an “Armarna” style city of the Aten ( Sun god of egypt). The statehouse is aligned to the four corners of the compass and to the relavant equinox and soltice associated with the Aten.(in keeping with ancient sumarian and egyptian building practices for sacred sites) The setting soltice sun aligns 1x per year when viewed from the statehouse west porticoe ( westward is the egyptian symbol for progression of the soul). The setting sun aligns with the civil war monument ( which is a egyptian obilisk) and the centers over the golden Phoenix atop city hall ( another sun symbol) and the setting sun merges with the golden phoenix ( a ceremonial link to the cyles of death and rebirth as linked to the cycles of the sun). given that a 1000 person masonic choir sang the dedication ceremony, and a masonic govenor performed the masonic rites at the dedication/capstone ceremony) …I was not to surprised….A historical oddity.

My daughter and I searched around the statehouse building and found the dedication plaque from the Masonic grand lodge on the northeast corner. North ( a symbol of darkness) and east ( a symbol of light) are a metaphor for the cycles of death and rebirth and the masonic philosophy of consciousness cought in linear time( the fallen state)…..trancendance being the gift to lift consciousness out of linear time via the balance of the subconscious and the conscious minds threw death to self ( the meaning behind the pillars with the sun and moon in masonic temples.) When a mason is asked wat time it is by another mason He is to respond ” that there is no time.” When I applied legitimate colorado history left by occultist masons to what was being said about the Airport ( incliding its shap as symbol of the black sun…the swastika) and the extesive masonic symbology in the airport, I began to think there is more here than history…a continuing saga,… but to what end? And, why were the people talking about the masonic symbology linking it to UFOs ??? The random words carved in the floor around the dedication plaque at DIA seemed to be clues.

Not being from Colorado I looked them up on the net and some refer to the San Luis Valley and Mnt Blanca ( or White Mtn) area. It seems as if the masonic initiates ( or anyone familiar with ancient escoteric symbology) is being directed clandestinely threw symbology from the airport in Denver to San Luis Valley in particular and the lower colorado Plateau in general. This is a coded referance to the Navajo tribal mythology of the four saced mountains of mother earth. These mountains represent the major parts of traditional Navajo religious beliefs, helping them live in harmony with nature and their creator. There are four outer sacred mountains and four inner sacred corners that frame the Colorado Plateau ( I could name if interrested). But why would ancient Egyptian, Masonic, and Navajo traditions converge? Who, in the modern world, would go to so much trouble to encode the location of a physical area via ancient symbology and mythology in a modern airport? Why would assumingly modern people be directed to these ancient sacred lands ? Does any of this have to do with 2012 and expected earth changes or is this all metaphorical?

I dont know the answers butI looked up this area (San Luis Valley/ & Mnt Blanca, one of the 4 sacred corners) on the net,… and Lo and Behold : its a UFO and black op helecoptor hotspot ! UFO hunters have even built watch towers! Humm, …now Ive gone from legitimate historical mystery, to conspiracy theory, to UFO phenomenon…..I never thought a good mystery would take me to this, but there it is !! Now, when I go back and search under “Denver airport conspiacy” and read about black ops military, UFOs, and secret societies working together… creeps me out !! …..But I wanted to pass what I found on to someone. Thanks for listening, and Im sorry if I rambled on…..Glenn. P.S. the symbology of Denver city flag and seal are masonic. The suburb of Aurora also is awash in masonic symbology. Aurora is another name for the archangel Uriel who gave ancient wisdon to Enoch….Many masonic sources link their ancient wisdom back to Enoch and Uriel. Uriel in hebrew tradition is associated with September, Mars, and to dispensation of knowledge to mankind. The Aurora city seal on every road sign is the glyf for zodiac sign of libra ( the sun in balance with the earth) . In masonic terms this is symbolic of the conscious mind ( sun ) being in balance with the subconscious mind ( earth) …..differant symbology same meaning for the denver seal ( on every road sign) This goes back to the masonic belief in the relativity of time giving the illussionary perception of separateness that can be trancended via death to self ( ego) and balancing of the conscious with the subconscious. The hypnogogic state as being the “gateway” to trancend linear time so as to experience time as not only relative, but in its essence ( the Nash) as happening all at once.

I have filled a notebook with observations of masonic symbology both old and recent while house hunting in the area. I dont know what is going on in this area, but your observations about Denver airport are certainly supported by a closer look at this area’s symbology and history.


3 Responses to “Symbols, symbols everywhere…”

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  2. spydra said

    Excellent article. Colorado Springs is also “awash” with Egyptian and masonic symbology, and I suspect the Navajo traditions you mentioned as well. Please go on to describe the four outer sacred mountains and the four inner sacred corners of the Colorado plateau.

  3. Jacob said

    My uncle used to work for the airport and he saw the underground base….what he saw were bunkbeds…strange sprinkler system and somewhat more…even the fences to keep people out are facing in to keep things in…my uncle has seen it all…i have seen the paintings that are in the airport. (just one) rather tht this is a true Conspiracy.

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