DIA: New Age Cathedral?

May 25, 2009

Interesting letter floating around the internets from the Wellington Webb era.

This anonymous writer doesn’t buy the underground city theory, but he does think DIA is a monument built for New Age masons. Or something. Check it:

I’ve done extensive research on DIA, living in Colorado for many years.
One of my good Christian friends is a fireman out there, who has worked
on the site, since before the first shovel of dirt was overturned.
Another fireman filmed many video cassettes of the place, as the
construction was underway.

I took 2 private tours of DIA, before it was
opened to the public, and have written a couple of articles – one called
“DIA: A New Age Cathedral or Gambling Casino?” Another short article was
written on the Native American Indian Spirituality that is prevalent
there. If you are interested in them, I’ll be glad to send them to you.
I’ve changed computers (and some of my writings are missing in the file
manager), so would have to mail them, if you have a PO Box or address
you could give me.

Our black mayor Wellington Webb (friend of Bill &
Hillary) is a Black Mason and oversaw the masonic dedication ceremony,
where hundreds of masons showed up in their white aprons (Rocky Mountain
News). There are 2 gargoyles overlooking the infamous baggage claim
area. Simulated “fossils” depicting evolution are imbedded in the

Numberous murals – (I have pictures of all) – promote paganism,
indigenous people power and World Order. Much of the Indian spirituality
has Aztec/Mayan overtones. Nature worship is a primary theme. One casket
has a Christian child lying in it. Webb met with chiefs and witchdoctors
of various Indian tribes, before the construction of the airport,
because they were concerned it was being built over Indian burial and
warring grounds, and that the spirits of the dead were angry. Thus,
rituals were performed by their shaman and the “tent-like” terminal

Webb’s wife Wilma (recently appointed by Clinton to the dept. of labor,
I believe), was responsible for the art work at DIA – and she gave the
contracts to her friends (received kickbacks, I’m sure, since she always
has a left-wing/monetary agenda). She and Wellington are both leftover
60’s radicals. He was elected mayor through voter fraud, taking Federico
Pena’s place (also voter fraud)  – he was the one (along with Colorado
Governor Roy Romer – now head of the Democrat Party)- who was able to
get DIA built.

I’m not sure who Phil Schneider was, or where he got his
information on the underground facilities, but according to my friends
who’ve been out there longer than Phil could have been, they don’t
exist. Others have made similar claims, even selling books, but
strangely, could never come up with any real proof. But, it provides a
good, scary scenario. I think that if we really knew what is and has
gone on out there, that we wouldn’t have to invent underground
facilities to make us quake in our boots. Denver is a hub for the New
World Order.

Kissinger and others were out there overseeing the DIA
project, from time to time. The head of New World Airport Commission is
the husband of a Clinton-appointed Ambassador. It is sticky.  I don’t
know if this helps, but it’s my two-cents’ worth.



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