The DIA Conspiracy: internet orgins

May 12, 2009


Onward Nazi alien soldiers

Conspiracy theorists have been looking into the Denver International Airport since before it opened in 1994. But the theories didn’t take off among the masses until about four years ago. That was when the website Anomalies Unlimited posted a series of detailed pages devoted to the mysteries of DIA. Since then, the pages have been the most widely referenced and top Google result holder for the DIA conspiracy.

The site begins by referencing the murals by Leo Tanguma and then jumps into excerpts of the 1996 interview of Alex Christopher published in Leading Edge International Research Journal #92. Though the Anomalies site erroneously refers to the Pandora’s Box author as a man (actually she’s a grandmother living in Alabama), it did introduce her theories about DIA to the internet masses.

This posting is the begining of the internet rumors that:

–DIA is some kind of temple built by the Masons and the New World Order

–there is a underground base built below DIA that will be used as a concentration camp

–the Queen of England is buying up land around the airport

–the CIA was involved and pushed the project on Denver citizenry

–the Leo Tanguma murals contain symbology that reveals the conspirator’s plans for the future

–reptilian aliens and Nazi’s secretly operate the airport

The Anomolies author concludes that his purpose was to “plant the seed that something’s not right at DIA.” That initial seed certainly sprouted into the wonderful discipline we now know as the DIA conspiracy.


3 Responses to “The DIA Conspiracy: internet orgins”

  1. […] of his presentation, Tapley introduces several entirely original mural  interpretations into the DIA Conspiracy lexicon, albeit of a decidedly doomsday Christian […]

  2. […] stuff about the murals, the commission and the concrete tunnels are plucked directly from Alex Christopher’s writing from 10-years ago. But the connection that Prophetess D seemed to make to the hierarchical […]

  3. […] Anonymous, you are correct that the “documentary” is wildly overblown and definitely misleading since the majority of the images they display (i.e. the alleged underground base tunnels) are random and not related to DIA in any way. But you are flat wrong that these theories surrounding DIA originated from this 2008 video. The seeds for the theories were planted way back in the early 1990s by people like Alex Christopher, Phil Schnider and, later on, David Icke. By the time the film students behind Candlelight Pictures made their online documentary, they were traveling a well-worn path of  DIA conspiracy theorizing. […]

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