DIA to build 500 room luxury hotel next to main terminal

May 12, 2009

A model of the new hotel to be built at DIA

A model of the new hotel to be built at DIA

Plans were announced last year to build a 14-story, 500-room Westin Hotel at DIA with meeting and conference space, restaurants, a health club, a swimming pool and a parking garage. It was something that DIA’s planners originally envisioned for the airport. But after the economy went bad, the project was downgraded to 250-rooms. Not anymore. The Denver Post reports the full-size hotel has once again been cleared for take-off. What is striking about this project is that the upscale hotel will actually be constructed just southwest of the main terminal with a ground-breaking this fall. Unclear what this means for the Conspiracy.

Assuming the airport is the headquarters for the New World Order, the hotel will be a convenient place for the international elite to travel to and meet to plan global domination. The hotel could also be linked to the underground base via elevators and would serve as an effective cover for people to check in and disappear for long periods.  The 500 rooms will be able to house a good number of the NWO during the apocalypse.


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