“DIA Conspiracy Theories Take Off,” Westword 2007

May 12, 2009

August 30, 2007 edition of Denver's Westword newspaper

August 30, 2007 edition of Denver's Westword newspaper

Lengthy Westword article from August 30, 2007.

Interviews with Leo Tanguma, Alex Christopher, Charles Ansbacher (former head of the New World Airport Commission), and former Denver Mayor Federico Pena.

Leo Tanguma defends his murals.

Leo Tanguma defends his murals.

“Over the past two years, DIA has been the subject of books, articles, documentaries, radio interviews and countless Youtube and forum board postings, all attempting to unlock its mysteries. While the most extreme claim maintains that a massive underground facility exists below the airport where an alien race of reptilian humanoids feeds on missing children while awaiting the date of government-sponsored rapture, all of the assorted theories share a common thread: The key to decoding the truth about DIA and the sinister forces that control our reality is contained within the two Tanguma murals, “In Peace and Harmony With Nature” and “The Children of the World Dream of Peace.””

People like author David Icke say that “Denver is scheduled to be the Western headquarters of the US New World Order during martial law take over,” he wrote in his 1999 book, The Biggest Secret. “Other contacts who have been underground at the Denver Airport claim that there are large numbers of human slaves, many of them children, working there under the control of the reptilians.”


3 Responses to ““DIA Conspiracy Theories Take Off,” Westword 2007”

  1. garrett said

    if this is true thos reptle mutherfukers are bouta get it from and angry mob of pissed off citizens with brutal forc and weapons.. im planning this myself bastirds

  2. […] #9: “DIA Conspiracy Theories Take Off,” Westword 2007 […]

  3. SlapDuck said

    Ohh come on Garrett, how can you possibly believe that there is some evil reptile race that is here on planet Earth? Please explain it to me.

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